OPPO Unveils AI Innovations at Google Cloud Next ’24, to Feature Google’s Gemini Models on AI Phones

(Adnkronos) – •OPPO and OnePlus teamed up to bring a fresh AI Phone experience to over 10 million users. •OPPO shares four core AI Phone capabilities with global AI innovation pioneers. •OPPO and OnePlus to launch AI features like AI Eraser globally. LAS VEGAS, US – Media OutReach Newswire – 11 April 2024 – As the era of AI Phones officially unfolds, OPPO accelerates its global AI Phone strategic layout following its participation in MWC 2024. Partnering with Google Cloud, OPPO delves further into exploring a fresh AI Phone experience. Multiple AI innovations from OPPO made their debut at the Google Cloud Next '24 conference, alongside the joint announcement with OnePlus to utilize Google's powerful Gemini models. "Generative AI marks a significant milestone in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It brings forth greater creativity, novel possibilities, enhanced technical scalability, and significantly improved efficiency. These factors instill us with confidence as we step into a new era of AI Phones," stated Nicole Zhang, GM of AI Product at OPPO and OnePlus. "Our deep collaboration with Google Cloud throughout our journey is pivotal. Google Cloud's open platform capabilities holds profound significance for OPPO's advancement of AI Phones."  
Leading the Way in Utilizing the Latest Gemini Family of Models
 As a key step in fulfilling the mission of ushering in a new era of AI Phones, OPPO and OnePlus will integrate Google’s Gemini models. This integration will empower various product lines of OPPO and OnePlus to undergo significant upgrades and evolution in AI experiences, thereby reshaping the way global users interact with their smartphones. OPPO and OnePlus jointly announced their commitment to introducing a series of innovative features leveraging the advanced capabilities of Google’s Gemini models throughout 2024. These endeavors aim to forge the most formidable mobile AI experience, allowing a broader user base to effortlessly embrace the fresh appeal of AI Phones. 
The Four Core Capabilities of AI Phones
 The technological revolution brought by generative AI has opened up infinite possibilities for the mobile industry. OPPO has been dedicated to collaborating with global industry partners to redefine AI Phones. At the Google Cloud Next '24 conference, OPPO shared insights on AI Phones with global AI innovators. OPPO believes that AI Phones should possess four core capabilities: efficient computing, perception of the real-world, self-learning, and creativity. Through AI technology, smartphones will gain new perceptual, interactive, and intelligent capabilities, reshaping the mobile experience. During the conference, OPPO also discussed its comprehensive considerations regarding the full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring of AI Phones, aiming to strengthen its presence in hardware platforms, intelligent systems, and ecosystem development. 
Enable More Users Globally to Experience the Boundless Joy of AI Phones
 During the event, OPPO announced that more than ten million users can already enjoy generative AI features on their devices such as the OPPO Find X7 Series and OnePlus 12.  In 2024, OPPO and OnePlus will further roll out AI features globally, including the highly acclaimed OPPO AI Eraser.    The OPPO AI Eraser allows users to effortlessly identify and remove objects, seamlessly filling in the background with hardly any trace of post-processing. Behind this exceptional experience lies OPPO's proprietary powerful AI recognition and image filling technology. OPPO AI Eraser can currently recognize over 120 categories of objects, including people, pets, phones, flowers, trees, and buildings. To achieve optimal generation results, OPPO has trained its model using billion-level data sets based on the industry-leading Diffusion model, ultimately achieving industry-leading AI Eraser performance. AI Eraser will start to roll out to devices such as the Reno 11 Pro, Reno 11, Reno 11 F, Find N3, and Find N3 Flip. OPPO and OnePlus are actively collaborating with Google to integrate cloud AI products into more mobile devices. This powerful partnership will equip OPPO and OnePlus smartphones with even more advanced AI capabilities in the future, making features like news article summaries, real-time audio content organization, and creative social media content generation possible. 
OPPO's Commitment to Advancing and Popularizing AI Phones
 AI is deeply ingrained in the DNA of OPPO and OnePlus product development. Over the past few years, OPPO has utilized its integration capabilities in software, hardware, chipset, and OS to create industry-leading mobile imaging performance. Its achievements in computational photography have been widely recognized by users worldwide. Meanwhile, OnePlus has leveraged its robust AI capabilities to achieve ultimate optimization in performance. Combined with breakthrough technologies like the Trinity Engine, OnePlus provides users with the fastest and smoothest experience. Earlier this year, OPPO established its AI Center, consolidating resources related to AI research and development to systematically enhance its AI capabilities, with a focus on creating AI Phones. Over the next 3-5 years, OPPO and OnePlus will continue to develop over 100 new features based on generative AI technology for global users and will remain committed to collaborating with global partners to create truly revolutionary AI Phone experiences. — (Web Info)



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