An exclusive scoop: a dream for many reporters.

cms_126/1_scoop_foto_valerie_&_alessio_filippa.jpgTo be a freelance reporter is one of the nicest job in the world. It’s full of surprises, expectations, disappointments. Sometimes you wait for months of Sundays to fulfil your life dream. To succeed in gain an interview of an international interest personality on exclusive and before your colleagues. August, last summer. A leak inform me that, secretly, Valerie Trierweiler ,France first lady, new lady of Francois Holland, French President , is on holiday alone in Peloponnesus. Most precisely to the “Barcelò Resort Hydra Beach Thermisia.

cms_126/2_-_355-beach-2-barcelo-hydra-beach-resort23-98252.jpgA luxury 5 stars hotel, beyond any words.I thought I can’t miss a similar opportunity. It could be the turning point of my life as many newspaper would pay a lot for this exclusive with photos attached. I said to myself : “Cost what it may but I have to know who might have replace the well-known “Carlà Bruni” With many difficulties, I succeed to book a fly London- Athens. I arrive at the airport. Another hour by bus to reach Piraeus and then other three hours by ferry and taxi. Finally in hotel. One of the few place worthy to welcome a real first lady. I will make any attempt, rather than chase after starlets not so famous and in foreseeable places, crowded and shoddy. I was curious about this lady, nicknamed by the international press: a ”Rottweiller trapped in Elysee” , after many years working as political reporter.Though knowing she was reluctant to grant statements I didn’t think she could deny me an interview. At the hotel after many attempts, some bodyguards invite me (with though manners but gentle) to not insist, warning me to don’t photograph her.The resort’s direction suggest me to don’t disturb customers and don’t disseminate the information of her holiday before her departure. In change I would have had free hospitality. I accepted without the risk of a wasted trip. I glimpsed her from afar, with her children, every day walking or making excursions. I should report curiosities, information and discretionally, thanks to the confidences of a pretty waitress I get to know that Miss Valerie get used to have meals in her room, far from people. Light meals with fresh fruit and vegetables. My spy confided me that in the first lady’s room it shouldn’t have to miss a good rosè wine and many blue roses. I admit I haven’t see one before in my life. I thought to send her a great bouquet of roses just to reach my goal but considering its cost and the possible refusal I let it go. I found out about that the resort’s direction commissioned one of its employee to manage the security. I discover he is an Italian: Alessio Filippa, ex supervisor of other tourist resorts. I already knew him in other occasions due to my work as busybody. At those time I wrote for some gossip magazine. In summer and winter I frequented holiday villages in all over the world seeking for celebrities. From Sharm El Sheik to Favignana, from Marileva to Ostuni. Alessio Filippa was always around me. He always repeated me: “The privacy, first of all or I could let you out of here in a blink of an eye”. I thought he oppressed me, he was everywhere I was working. But this time, the opportunity of this great scoop was too important to me to placate our old misunderstandings. With manners more cunning than a fox I swore him again and again that I wouldn’t have disturb the first lady on condition that I could photograph him to write a short article about his competences and professionalism. A deceitful way of narcissism and corruption.I had to come back at least with a news. He was conned as a dummy. I glimpsed him with the first lady, I took a photo. I was suddenly blocked by a bodyguard that take away my camera. Thanks to the director and to his explanation, I received it back. Fortunately, after three days waiting I took at least a photo. I said goodbye to my dreams of glory. Sometimes you need to make do with what you have.

cms_126/3_-_scoop_2_medaglia_presid.jpgThe missed interview made me eat my heart out. What made me truly suffered it was that “The Lady”, before to leave the resort , she made a gift to the security director: a medal, two medals from President Holland, her husband. And for me? Not even an handshake!As man of his word I had to maintain my promise: I wouldn’t had broadcasted the news. Every cloud has a silver lining. At least I spend a free holiday in a deluxe resort.


1 Giugno 2014